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19 May

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Cricket Scotland is pleased to announce their new `Last Man Stands Club Awards` for 2015. The awards are part of Cricket Scotland`s continued efforts to support clubs and volunteers.

The inaugural Last Man Stands Club Awards will celebrate the efforts of Scotland`s cricket clubs and volunteers, and provide a great opportunity for Cricket Scotland to recognise the often unsung heroes that make our game tick.
he award categories are unique, and will reward those clubs and volunteers that are demonstrating the type of activities that will help Scottish cricket clubs thrive in the future.

Paul Reddish from Last Man Stands Scotland said “We`re really pleased to support the Club Awards for 2015. The new award categories are exciting and reflect the changing sporting environment across Scotland. Last Man Stands is about offering a new format of the game that is fit for modern sporting tastes and the Club Awards reflect that 21st Century approach.” Last Year's LMS Volunteer award winners

Ian Sandbrook, Head of Community Development, said “We would like to thank Last Man Stands for their support of the Club Awards and the development of grassroots cricket.

These awards will celebrate the successes of clubs and volunteers that are proactive and modern in their approach to club development, and I can wait to see the variety of nominations.” 

The six categories are outlined below and nomination forms attached. All nominations close on Monday 3rd August, 2015

1.   Biggest Change-Maker at a Scottish Cricket Club

Is there someone at your club who has initiated significant change that has transformed or is transforming your cricket club for the better? Does this person gain the recognition that they deserve? This award is for a person or a group of people who have shown passion, drive and commitment to develop your club.

2.   Scotland`s Most Welcoming Cricket Club

This award is for the club that has gone out of their way to attract, welcome and integrate new members.  They would have used an innovative approach to `look after` their members, that is reflected in the enjoyment and experiences had at the club.

3.   Best use of `Bite-Sized` Volunteers

Many clubs still exist due to the hard work of a small handful of committed volunteers. This award is specifically for a club or group that has engaged many volunteers, each playing a small but vital part in effectively delivering an event.

4.   Best use of Social Media

This award is for the club that makes best use of social media to communicate with its members and the wider community. This includes any club website, Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram or any other innovative means that clubs use to engage with people. 

5.   Strongest Community Engagement

This award is for the club that has `Community Engagement` at their heart. They engage people and groups from all parts of their community to grow the game and promote the long-term sustainability of the club. 

6.   Most Innovative and Effective Income Generation

This award is for the club that thinks differently when it comes to income generation. The club club displays an `innovative` approach in order to maximise revenue for the long-term sustainability of their club. 

To make a nomination for any of the above categories, please follow the link below and fill in the nomination form.

For clarity, a club can be nominated by one of its own members and individuals/clubs can be nominated for multiple categories.


Last Man Stands Nomination Form 2015

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