#MoreThanCricket - How cricket and cricket clubs can grow in Scotland

30 Jan


How cricket and cricket clubs can grow in Scotland

An event focusing on how Scotland's cricket clubs can play a bigger role in people's lives and become hubs for their communities.

11th March 2017, University of Stirling 

If cricket and our clubs are to grow we have to become much more than places where people 'just play their cricket' and compete in a league. We have to play a bigger part in the lives of local people and communities and become fun and social destinations. 

Also, sports like cricket, is increasingly being asked to deliver ‘social good’ and real community benefits. So, the more cricket can show that it`s not just played by some ‘diehards’ but embraces new communities, the more players, partners and funding we could attract.  

This event is all about how we can develop #MoreThanCricket and how cricket clubs can become #MoreThanCricketClubs 

This conference is not about policies and strategies. It focuses on best practice and provides thoughts, tools and to-dos. Real stories and successes to be told, lessons to be learnt, ideas and experiences to be shared on how to grow cricket.

Presentations include:

  • Edinburgh Spartans Community Football Academy - From a football club to social enterprise working with their local community

  • Tynemouth Cricket Club - From struggling cricket club to dynamic cricket enterprise
  • Engaging with and supporting young people,Youth Scotland

  • How sports social enterprises are making a big impact across Scotland, Diane Cameron, Ex Head of Sport at SenScot

  • Engaging young people through social media, Ben Fox, Communications Manager, Cricket Scotland
  • CricHIIT demonstration – adapting cricket tofemale lifestyles, Nicola Wilson, Girls and Women's Participation Manager, Cricket Scotland 

  • How to prove the value of your work in the eyes of the funder, Linda Macdonald, Innovation and Learning Manager, Robertson Trust

  • The Cricket Club of the Future – what could our clubs look like in 10-15 years’ time? Ian Sandbrook, Director of Participation, Cricket Scotland and Svend Elkjaer, Director, Sports Marketing Network

  • Clubs where do we go from here? How are you going to make it happen? Svend Elkjaer

It is free to attend, but you must register. 


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