Proposed Governance Changes To Cricket Scotland

05 Feb

We wrote to all members of Cricket Scotland in early January about proposed changes to the governance arrangements for Cricket Scotland and since then have been holding a series of regional “roadshows” to explain those proposals.

As a result of the supportive feedback from those roadshows the Boards of Cricket Scotland now intend to put the proposals formally to members for their approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held at Stirling County Cricket Club, New Williamfield, Royal Stuart Way, Stirling, FK7 7WS at 1pm on 28 February 2016.Formal notice of the EGM was sent out to all members on 4 February 2016. 

In part the proposals seek to address one of the pieces of feedback the Boards have received over the last year, as the Chair and Chief Executive have met regional associations and clubs, that the link between the governing body, the associations and our clubs could be improved upon.  We have therefore been looking into ways to create stronger links – so all of us across Scotland that are passionate about furthering our sport can feel part of a Scottish cricketing community that is united in and focused on developing the game at all levels. 

We recognise there is still some way to go in improving these links and the proposed governance changes are but a first (though important) step in doing so.    

In summary the main practical benefits that the Boards expect the proposed governance changes to bring are: 

1.       Closer links between Cricket Scotland and the regional associations and their clubs as a result of each association’s nomination of a Board members, facilitating better understanding at the Boards of the issues that affect all clubs, and vice versa

2.       Greater transparency for the Scottish cricket community of decision making within Cricket Scotland and its two companies, the conduit for this being the guaranteed future Board representation for each association, as well as other stakeholders

3.       The introduction of wider skills and greater diversity and independence around the Board tables.which will better enable Cricket Scotland to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing sporting world.

The details of the proposals are shown clicking here

 Following the consultation process there has been one material change to the proposals presented at the road shows. The intention now is that two (as a minimum) of the four proposed independent directors for Cricket Scotland Limited would not have any current connection with cricket in Scotland. The original proposal was that all four would have to meet that test. The Boards’ conclusion, after feedback, was that good potential candidates, who could still be sufficiently independent, could be excluded if all of the independents would have to meet the requirement.


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