Club Development Tool


The governance section will provide support to your club on legal structure, legal status and having appropriate policies and procedures in places which the club can then operate to.

Legal Status

Having an appropriate legal status will help your club to be able to work towards achieving your vision and objectives.


If your club has a structure which means you have a constitution, this is a key document outlining how your club operates.

This section provides you with everything you need to know about coaching cricket within Scotland. From courses to our coaches association, we have everything you need to become a better coach to help your cricketers.

Club Management Audit

Understanding the different roles, and related responsibilities within your club management structure will help your club to run more effectively. Completing audit of this skills people within your club management have may also help.

Effective Leadership

Having effective leadership within your club is important.

Regulatory Bodies

Depending on your legal structure, your club may have a duty to report to a specific regulatory body. Examples of these bodies are OSCR and Companies House.

Legal Responsibilities

Your club also has some legal responsibilities which you must fulfil.

Risk Management

There will be specific risks to your club. Have a risk management plan would be beneficial.


Coaches, officials and volunteers will be key to having a successful club. Safe recruitment of these people is vital.