Club Development Tool

The Playing Pathway

The playing pathway section will provide guidance on recreational and performance playing programmes.

Junior Player Pathways

Having a simple chart which explains your club’s player development pathway will help to ensure players, parents, coaches and club officials know the opportunities on offer.

Play Cricket

There are a range of participation opportunities available to players of all abilities.

Women and Girls' Pathway

For specific advice on the opportunities available to girls and women as part of the ever-growing women’s cricket pathway within Scotland please visit the dedicated section on our website.

Disability Cricket

Cricket Scotland now offers more opportunities for dedicated disability cricket activity throughout Scotland. More details are available in our disability cricket section on our website.

Offering Cricket Throughout the Year

Providing participation opportunities all year round can help to keep your members more active and more engaged – and might also attract new members who want an opportunity which is more tailored to their needs and isn’t just the ‘traditional’ summer offer.

Junior Formats

Cricket Scotland introduced new modified junior playing formats for the start of the 2018 season. This was aimed to provide a far better playing and learning experience for all young players – and has had very positive feedback from around the country.

Inspiring Coaches

Having inspiring coaches and good support network will help young players to get the most out of their participation in the sport. Here are some links to information which might be relevant.

Accessible Facilities

Clubs should aim to have facilities which are accessible and open all.