Cricket Scotland announce a new working relationship with mental health charity SAMH

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November 22, 2022 1 year
Cricket Scotland announce a new working relationship with mental health charity SAMH

Cricket Scotland have announced today (Tues) a new working relationship with SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), which will offer support to members of the cricket community that are involved in the referral process in conjunction with the Breaking the Boundaries report.

Cricket Scotland has commissioned three layers of support facilitated by SAMH. This includes access for members to a digital wellbeing hub of resources to support mental health and to coaching or counselling via SAMH’s Time for You service, as well as staff training.

Time for You is an online support service offering users evidence-based wellbeing coaching sessions with a SAMH Wellbeing Practitioner to achieve their personal mental wellbeing goals, or counselling sessions with a Trainee Psychologist from Glasgow Caledonian University’s PHD programme to explore and manage their mental health concerns.

Both Time for You and the wellbeing hub can be accessed via Harper Macleod, who are co-ordinating the referral process.

In addition to these services, Cricket Scotland staff will be invited to attend the ‘Capacity Building Support for the Workforce’ training programme, run in partnership with sportscotland. This programme focuses on exploring and understanding mental health and wellbeing in the context of sport and physical activity.

Commenting on the new partnership, Gordon Arthur Interim CEO said “We are delighted to formalise our relationship with SAMH and offer an essential service to people requiring support for mental health issues as a result of their involvement in the Changing the Boundaries referral process.

“I would like to thank both SAMH and sportscotland for support with the programme and would urge anyone involved with the referral process to contact Harper Macleod, should they feel the need to talk to someone in confidence about any mental health concerns.”

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