Cricket Scotland Board

Board Members

Sue Strachan
Cricket Scotland President
Tony Brian
CSL Chair
Willie Donald
Cricket Scotland Past President
Gus Mackay
Director (CSL and CSHL)
Angela Casey
Director CSL
Sheelagh Duffield
Director CSL
Jonathan Kemp
Director CSL
Douglas Lockhart
Director CSL
Sai Majeed
Director CSHL
Linda Spence
Director CSHL (Women & Girls)
Gordon McKinnie
Director CSHL (SPCU Nominee)/CSL
Colin Mitchell
Director CSHL (WDCU Nominee) & CSL
Ian Stephen
Director CSHL (NOSC Nominee)
Peter Kingsbury
Director CSHL (ESCA Nominee)
Andrew Brock
Director CSHL
Chris Blake
Director CSHL (NoSCA Nominee)

Hall of Fame

Find out more about Scotland's most famous cricketers of all time, who have been honoured as inductees of the Scottish Cricket Hall of Fame

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