Cricket Scotland celebrate Active Girls Day

Lizzie Sleet @CricketScotland
October 9, 2018 5 years
Cricket Scotland celebrate Active Girls Day
Equalities Mininster Christina McKelvie tries (with some success) to hit a ball with a cricket bat at a girls cricket coaching event at Calderside Academy, Blantyre - Donald MacLeod

On Friday 5th of October Scotland celebrated Active Girls Day, which is an initiative sportscotland have set up to get more girls playing sport.

Calderside Academy was treated to a visit from Ann Hargie from Uddingston CC who led the day with two sessions in the morning with 70 female pupils getting a taster session of cricket.

Of the participants were enthusiastic sports leaders, including Scottish Government Minister for Older People & Equalities, Christina McKelvie, how to turn her hand to a bat.

Cricket Scotland, female Development officer, Rosy Ryan, took half of the girls for a session of CricHIIT, which is a newly launched programme by Cricket Scotland.

CricHIIT encourages females to take on cricket by doing a fun high intensity interval training session which is specific to cricket and adds a quick fun spin onto a sport known for its long matches.

The day was supported from sportscotland and Active Schools South Lanarkshire who are devoted to getting more girls active. ‘

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