Cricket Scotland celebrates International Women’s Day

During a week-long campaign, Cricket Scotland gave an insight into the women's squad and the female role models helping inspire Scotland to #ChooseCricket.

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March 10, 2020 4 years
Cricket Scotland celebrates International Women’s Day

For #InternationalWomensDay 2020, Cricket Scotland ran a week-long campaign via podcasts, videos and articles to showcase the different programmes we offer for women and girls, tell the unseen story of our women’s squad and meet the women at the very heart of the organisation.

Here you will find everything from our 2020 campaign!

Meet Rosy Ryan

We caught up with recently appointed Women and Girl’s Participation Manager, Rosy Ryan, at The Wee Bash in Edinburgh to discuss her whirlwind 12 months and find out a bit more about the indoor competition.

#ScotsInNZ: Priyanaz Chatterji

Priyanaz Chatterji is another Wildcat benefitting from a winter abroad, travelling across the globe to New Zealand in September 2019.

We chatted to her to find out how she’s been performing on the field, what she’s learned about her game so far and how it feels to represent Wellington Blaze.

You can read the full article here.

Priyanaz Chatterji pictured celebrating with teammates

International Women’s Day Podcast Special

We released a special Cricket Scotland podcast episode, featuring insight from our Head of Participation, Women and Girls’ Participation Manager and Media and Communications Executive.

We also go behind-the-scenes at training to speak with the women’s squad for our most talked-about episode yet!

You can listen to the podcast here.

Above and Beyond: The Unseen Story of Scotland’s Women

“Scotland is blessed with a truly remarkable group of women cricketers. All are in full-time work or education in addition to their commitments to the national side.”

Jake Perry tells the unseen story of our women’s squad who juggle careers, training and international cricket.

Catch the full article here.

CricHIIT with Rosy Ryan

Last but not least, we travel to Elgin in the north of Scotland for a CricHIIT activator session and catch up with the brains behind our award-winning programme, Rosy Ryan.

Get in touch with Rosy Ryan to find out more about our groundbreaking participation programme!

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