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March 4, 2021 3 years
Cricket Scotland News Digest

Cricket Scotland Digital Platform

Cricket Scotland has invested in a new digital scoring platform to assist all formats of the domestic game with scoring and administration. After consultation with the regional associations, it is planned to roll this out over the next two seasons, with a number of domestic leagues and the Women’s Premier League launching it this year.
Partnering with Interact Sport, who provide a similar product for Cricket Australia, ECB and Cricket Netherlands, the platform will provide an integrated service for player registration, live scoring, online match centres, a fan app and match streaming opportunities for all clubs.

Cricket Scotland Boards and Committees

With some recent changes in membership on the CS Boards and Committees, get up to date on the people working with CS to run the game.

Cricket Scotland Limited Board
Angela Casey – Independent Director
Colin Mitchell – nominated by the parent company (Cricket Scotland Holdings Limited)
Douglas Lockhart – Independent Director
Gordon McKinnie – nominated by the parent company
Gus Mackay – Chief Executive
Jonathan Kemp – Independent Director
Sheelagh Duffield – Independent Director
Sue Strachan – President
Tony Brian – Chair

Cricket Scotland Holdings Limited Board
Andrew Brock – Member Director
Chris Blake – nominated by NOSCA
Colin Mitchell – nominated by WDCU
Gordon McKinnie – nominated by SPCU
Gus Mackay – Chief Executive
Linda Spence – elected by the clubs in the Women’s Premier League
Peter Kingsbury – nominated by ESCA
Sai Majeed – Member Director
Sue Strachan – President
Tony Brian – Chair of CSL
Umar Aslam – Member Director
Willie Donald – Past President
(there is currently a vacancy for the nominee of the North East Cricket Scio – that position will be filled by Martin Auld later in March)

Regional Association Future Agreement Working Group

Members: Chair Gordon McKinnie, WDCU Keith Young, ESCA Neil Granger, NOSCA Nigel Gerrard, SPCU Andy Lowden, NES Cricket Scio Paul Gray , CS Gus Mackay, CS Nic Wilson , CS Paul Macari

After approval from the CSHL Board a group has been set up looking at the future relationship between CS and our five regional associations. Gordon McKinnie its chair said: “This an exciting and important project looking at how our five regional associations operate at the moment, what we all do well and what are some of the challenges. Doing this work together will allow us to prioritise the content of future agreements between the regions and CS , all aimed at making cricket in Scotland stronger and mainstream.  I look forward to reporting further on developments in the coming months. If you want any more information on the work of this group get in touch,

Regional Chairs Working Group

Members: Chair Gus Mackay, Tony Brian, WDCU Mark Colman, ESCA Neil Granger, NOSCA Nigel Gerrard, SPCU Gordon McKinnie, NES Cricket Scio Martin Auld, EPL Bob McFarlane, CSMOA Willie Ferguson, CS Operations Paul Macari, CS Development Nic Wilson

Latest from the Regional Chairs Group

The regional chair’s group met this week to discuss the return of regional cricket this season. The consensus is to plan for a start to the season in late May early June with hope for a full season or slightly reduced league format. Scottish Government restrictions on travel will dictate the start of the competitive season

National Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process

Over the past six months, a working group led by Ian Stephen (NES Cricket Scio) has updated the CS Code of Conduct and provided recommendations on a new Disciplinary procedure to be incorporated across the five regional associations in Scotland. It is our intention to share these with both the regional associations and all clubs in the next fortnight.

The Code is based on the ICC Code and is simple to follow. It’s really important that all captains, players and officials are aware of the Code and its content as Cricket Scotland believes that there is a need to ensure that the behaviour of players is as good as it can be and part of that is understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable.

The group has also been looking at a national disciplinary process and will provide the Regional Associations with recommendations around how this new process can be implemented.

These processes will be on the CS website and two members of the group, Phil Yelland (ESCSA) and Mark Coleman (WDCU) will assist CS in sharing this information and support the Regional Associations in the roll out to clubs for the 2021 season.

Cricket Scotland intends to review the operation of both the Code and the Disciplinary processes and will seek feedback at the end of the season.

Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association

The Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association (CSMOA) formed in December 2020 as an amalgamation of the two main cricket officiating bodies in Scotland, ESCOA (East) and WoSACO (West), bringing together years of expertise from the founding organisations into one place.

CSMOA will continue the work of these founding organisations, continuously improving the quality of cricket officiating across Scotland at all levels including local leagues and wider regional, national and international competitions by supporting its members through all different grades of cricket.

They will be holding a number of training courses before the season gets started. More details of these can be found on THEIR WEBSITE as they are announced.

Sports Cyber Resource Pack

To mark Cyber Scotland Week 2021, a revised Cyber Resilience Resource Pack has been issued to provide SGBs and clubs with free guidance and resources help build on existing skills and protect against vulnerabilities.

The updated pack can be downloaded HERE

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