Cricket Scotland Tapeball League Launches

Lizzie Sleet @CricketScotland
November 6, 2017 6 years
Cricket Scotland Tapeball League Launches

Cricket Scotland is delighted to announce the launch of their inaugural Tapeball Cricket League, supported by local businesses and charities.

Through an extensive community engagement and consultation process, with over 50 organisations and individuals, it was clear that there is an appetite for indoor “Tapeball Cricket”.  The league is inclusive to all and our aim is to provide a form of fun, social cricket in a community setting where the participants can just turn up and play.

Through our research and planning the hope is to make this this form of cricket accessible to all.  A morning, mid-week and Sunday league have been set up in order to accommodate those who cannot commit to playing for their local cricket clubs due to their own commitments. The pilot league is starting in December lasting for 10 weeks and then finishing with a Finals Day which will consist of 7 games. These tournaments will start through in the west in and around Glasgow.

The innovation of tape ball cricket began in Karachi, Pakistan in the 1960s where proper equipment, pitches and grounds are a luxury. Informal cricket games are played widely by children and young adults across the cricket-playing world, especially in South Asia. Local grounds, parks and city streets are common locations to find locals playing the games in afternoons and evenings. The tape ball format provided a solution to a vexing issue for these cricket enthusiasts and one we believe will also work in our increasingly diverse country.

Cricket Scotland’s Community Engagement Coordinator Ammar Ashraf commented “These are exciting times for Cricket Scotland, especially over the winter months.  Through research and the consultation process I was amazed at the level of demand there was for this type of social cricket.

A great way to get back in to the game or for fans of cricket which will hopefully create a “Tapeball” following in Scotland.  There is also a pathway for those who want to progress their skills further.  I am confident this  will raise the profile of the game in Scotland but act as a catalyst to greater levels of participation making it the most diversely played sport in Scotland!”

You can register your team HERE


Special thanks to Kebabish Grill for being a headline sponsor, The Well Foundation who will sponsor the shirts for the first edition and Mint Pharmacy who are the equipment sponsor.


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