CS Tapeball Final 2018

Iain Leggat reviews the inaugural Cricket Scotland Tapeball Final

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April 9, 2018 6 years
CS Tapeball Final 2018

Cricket Scotland’s first Indoor Tape Ball Finals Day successfully took place on the 18th of March, with Govanhill CC claiming the trophy.

Held at The Glasgow Club in Holyrood the event held two semi-finals between Govanhill CC & Asian Tiger, and Bellshill Gladiators & Airdrie Panthers.

The final was a cagey affair between Govanhill and Airdrie Panthers, with Airdrie setting Govanhill 81 to win the match. A powerful innings from the Govanhill batsman saw them cross the line with an over and half to spare.

The rules for indoor tape ball cricket are slightly different to the usual game. Each side has 7 players on the field, 8 overs in an innings, wides are a run on the board, anything down the leg side is a run, if it’s caught with one hand off the wall its out and a run between the wickets is 2 runs.

All of this makes a for a fast and thrilling game of cricket.

Over 300 people made their way through the doors at Holyrood, for an event that was not just about the Tape Ball Finals.

Cricket Scotland had set up an All Stars cricket stand for youngsters to have a go at the end, and the development team was on hand to introduce the women of the community to the game as well.

Head of Volunteering at Cricket Scotland and event organiser Ammar Ashraf after the event said,

“I’m buzzing right now. To get so many people together, all laughing, all smiling, breaking bread together, with the women and the guys playing tapeball, it’s fantastic. The objective of today was to bring the community together and I think we have successfully done that.”

“For me the happiness comes from seeing the kids all playing, the ladies all playing, with some really good female cricketers seen today, and with the tape ball finals itself. It was the first time we’ve tried it but i think it’s quite obvious its worked and it’s worked well.”

“We’ve managed to engage with over 170 participants over the winter months, and 70% of them don’t play for any formal cricket club, so I am quietly confident that this will increase the participation levels on a whole in the cricketing community.”

Ammar and his team are already planning for future events with a similar tournament happening next year, and looking to a possible outdoor twilight league for more of Scotland.

MSP Humza Yousaf attended the event and said,

“Congratulations to Cricket Scotland on putting on a fantastic event. It’s a celebration of a local community and cricket and that’s what it’s all about. Sport can bring people together, and cricket in winter is a bonus as well.”

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