Disability Cricket Champion Clubs: Westquarter & Redding

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April 9, 2021 3 years

Westquarter & Redding Cricket Club has equality, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of everything it does with the newly formed Bailliefields Community Hub having this in its charity objectives:

“The promotion of equality and diversity in everything we do, providing equal opportunities irrespective of age, gender, ability, and ethnicity. To remove barriers by being open and offering opportunities to all to volunteer and participate.”

The ethos of the club is to treat all equally which can be seen in the design of the new fully accessible modular changing rooms with facilities to cater for all needs and a main access path suitable for all visitors.

Over the last few years, the club has grown its support of groups that may not take part in traditional mainstream activities to provide them with equal opportunities to take part in sport. The club follow a simple process to create and support programmes by firstly identifying a need then finding partner groups to jointly deliver these programmes.

The club have several programmes that have been set up which will now be part of Cricket Scotland’s Disability Champion Club programme which the club are now part of.  The Enhanced Provision All Stars programme developed by WRCC in partnership with Cricket Forth Valley is now a key part of Cricket Scotland’s Disability Cricket Pathway which the club are extremely proud of.

In recognition of al the clubs hard work they were presented with Cricket Scotland’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion award in February 2020.

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