Downloadable Resources for Schools

Cricket Scotland has a range of free downloadable game formats for schools which are age and stage appropriate.

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Introduction to Cricket Games

These games are designed for children being introduced to cricket. They don't require much equipment, just a Kwik Cricket set, a soft ball (windball) or tennis ball, alongside PE equipment such as hoops and cones, so they're perfect to try at your school!

Modified Junior Formats

Cricket Scotland introduced the new Junior Cricket Playing formats and pathway in the 2018 season. These changes were well received by clubs across Scotland and we encourage schools to consider these formats when playing school fixtures.

The changes have been introduced as part of a wider strategy to transform how junior cricket is delivered from ages 5-16 years. The new pathway and formats will provide far better playing and learning experiences for boys and girls in the formative years of their cricket journey that we are confident will lead to more kids playing, and staying, in the game.

The new formats are based on overwhelming research from Cricket Australia that an age/stage appropriate pathway will provide vastly improved experiences for children that will lead to more fun, more action and better skills.

We believe the new programmes and formats will help cricket remain relevant for younger generations and provide a uniformity of experience across the country so everyone can enjoy our fantastic sport!

Traditional Formats

Cricket Scotland recommends using these formats after Junior 1, 2 and 3.


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