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July 24, 2023 12 months

Cricket Scotland can today provide an update on the progress of the referrals process. Eight further cases have been concluded and signed off by the Cricket Scotland board, bringing the total concluded to 12. Meanwhile another nine cases have been handed up by the investigation team to Cricket Scotland for examination.

Across the eight recently concluded cases, a series of actions around Cricket Scotland processes have been recommended as requiring improvement. All these actions have been included in agreed, and soon to be published, Cricket Scotland action plans.

Examples of these learnings include:

  • Issuing guidance to staff, players, and officials on social media usage, whilst offering improved support to those suffering online abuse;
  • Educating players, staff, and officials around responsibilities and behaviours within roles with CS;
  • Updating and widening the CS code of conduct and disciplinary rules, including improved guidelines around sanctions for race related misconduct;
  • Improving communication to stakeholders within cricket;
  • Establishing EDI/anti-racism and terminology training for CS staff, match officials and the wider cricket community;
  • Establishing appropriate whistleblowing procedures that are recorded and archived in accordance with GDPR guidance; ensuring whistle-blowers are properly protected after making a complaint, including setting up procedures that ensure anonymity for complainants;
  • Reviewing and clearly communicating CS anti-bullying policies to all staff and coaches; reviewing safe-guarding processes;
  • Educational awareness to players, staff, and coaches around body shaming;
  • Ensuring all staff and external contractors are aware of appropriate dietary requirements and food provisions at matches, events and on tours;

Some of the learnings reflect on the circumstances reported in the referrals, at the time of those circumstances, and are already embedded in Cricket Scotland’s current practices. The learnings will prompt a review to examine if these particular learnings can be improved.

Two of the eight referrals related to the use of racist language, which previously resulted in disciplinary sanctions against individuals.

Within some cases, a variety of factors existed that resulted in conclusions that further proceedings would not be appropriate, applicable or sustainable. 

Reasons for this included:

  • Communication and relationship breakdowns;
  • Process deficiencies;
  • Prior disciplinary action having been carried out (including sanctions being issued);
  • Insufficient basis to establish a rule breach (including the historic nature of issues);
  • Events occurring out-with Cricket Scotland’s jurisdiction;
  • The wishes of the complainer that Cricket Scotland to respond without further investigation and/or a Conduct In Sport process. 

Complainants who asked to be advised about the process and decision to conclude the referrals in question have been notified accordingly.

The process of investigating the referrals has been conducted by an independent team made up of representatives from Harper Macleod LLP, Bishop Lloyd and Jackson Solicitors and Sporting Equals, with support for complainants where appropriate from Running Out Racism, and with overall oversight from sportscotland. Once investigation work around a referral is completed, the report and recommendations are passed on to Cricket Scotland.

Pete Fitzboydon, Cricket Scotland Chief Executive, said:

“I am pleased that we continue to make progress in concluding the referrals handed to us for deliberation.

“The learnings from these cases have once again highlighted issues within the organisation’s processes that require attention, and as with those that were previously concluded are already being acted upon.

“Cricket Scotland fully supports the work of the independent investigating team as they handle these cases, and we are grateful to them for their diligent work in difficult circumstances.”

An updated guide to the referrals process, as well as a chart detailing workflow around the disciplinary process, can be found via the Cricket Scotland website.

There are currently a further 32 referrals cases with the investigating team. Cricket Scotland will provide an update on these remaining cases as they are progressed and concluded.

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