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June 2, 2023 1 year

Cricket Scotland can today confirm the conclusion of the first four cases within the referrals process, which was set up following the publishing of the “Changing The Boundaries” report.

The process of investigating the referrals has been conducted by an independent team made up of representatives from Harper Macleod LLP, Bishop Lloyd and Jackson Solicitors and Sporting Equals, with support for complainants where appropriate from Running Out Racism, and with overall oversight from sportscotland. Once work around the four referrals was completed, the outcomes and recommendations were passed on to Cricket Scotland.

Across the four cases, in total eighteen actions around Cricket Scotland processes were recommended as requiring improvement. All these actions have been included in agreed, and soon to be published, Cricket Scotland action plans.

Examples of these learnings include:

  • Updating the Cricket Scotland disciplinary code of conduct 
  • Building and establishing EDI training including on bullying, harassment and understanding of terminology across the wider cricket community
  • Improving communication to stakeholders within cricket
  • Establishing appropriate whistleblowing procedures that are recorded and archived in accordance with GDPR guidance
  • Creating a clear code of conduct and guidance around acceptable behaviour, and publishing details of available robust sanctions for both deterrent and disciplinary purposes
  • Establishing a secure digital library of complaints, codes, disciplinary investigations, disciplinary action, and associated materials

Conclusions on the first four cases have been reached now as the independent investigating team did not deem these cases to require referral to a Conduct In Sport Panel hearing. Reasons included there being a lack of, or no sufficient evidence to proceed further, and/or other significant extenuating circumstances.

Complainants who asked to be advised about the process and decision to conclude the referrals in question have been notified accordingly.

Pete Fitzboydon, Cricket Scotland Chief Executive, said:

“This is an important moment in the referrals process, and I’m pleased that Cricket Scotland is now able to conclude the first cases that have been handed to us for a final decision.

“The four cases highlighted issues within each that demonstrate that certain Cricket Scotland processes were lacking, and I am pleased that the learnings from these four cases are already being acted upon. 

“These conclusions have allowed us to see an independent process in action that is working well, providing thorough investigation with a positive focus on improving the way the sport is run. The cases have been handled appropriately and sensitively, with those involved being adequately consulted and supported on both sides.

“It is important to note that this is just the beginning of the part of the process where cases are handed to Cricket Scotland for analysis. We know there will be further cases to follow in due course which will require our analysis and judgement, and I am pleased to announce today the names of our new Conduct In Sport Panel, which has been assembled to hear and rule on any cases that require adjudication or possible sanctioning.”

An updated guide to the referrals process, as well as a chart detailing workflow around the disciplinary process, can be found via the Cricket Scotland website.

There are currently a further 49 referrals cases with the investigating team, not including the four cases mentioned above. Of these, Cricket Scotland has been advised that 16 cases are approaching the stage where they are close to being concluded. Cricket Scotland will update on the progress of these cases when it is deemed appropriate to do so.

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