Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers

Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers are vital members of the club and key to making an environment safe, welcoming and friendly for children to enjoy the game of cricket.


Why do clubs need a Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer?

Whilst everyone is responsible for safeguarding, the Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer will make sure the policies and procedures are in place, and that everyone who will be working with children are a PVG Scheme member.

They are the person that others come to if they have concerns, and having attended specific training, will know what to do in order to assist, or who to ask for further help.


Training for Club Child Wellbeing and Protection officers

Club Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers need two sets of initial training as follows:

    • Attend the Child Wellbeing & Protection in Sport course
    • Attend the Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer’s course
    • They must also be a PVG Scheme member through their Club

Every three years, the three requirements above should be updated.

To enquire about upcoming workshops please contact, your local authority or refer to sportscotland website.


Cricket Scotland Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer

Cricket Scotland has a dedicated Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer who is available to provide advice and assistance on Safeguarding Children for clubs, leagues and other affiliated organisations across Scotland.

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer:

Colin McDougall

Cricket Scotland

Mobile: 07768 716468


If you have any safeguarding queries or require further information, please contact Colin on the details above.