‘Getting to know you’ survey launched as part of Cricket Racism Review

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June 16, 2022 1 year
‘Getting to know you’ survey launched as part of Cricket Racism Review

A ‘Getting To Know You’ survey has today been launched by Plan4Sport as part of the independent review into racism within Scottish cricket.

The confidential survey, which is being is undertaken by the Plan4Sport Review Team, will help Cricket Scotland better understand the profile of the sport. The results will be used to help shape the recommendations for the future of the game as part of the ongoing independent review into racism in cricket.

The survey is being carried out to provide up-to-date and robust data, which at present isn’t available. This has been identified as an area of priority and Cricket Scotland has committed to carrying out similar regular surveys in the future.  

It is open to everyone involved in Scottish cricket, including current players, umpires, staff, administrators, board and committee members, coaches and volunteers. No names or contact details are asked for at any part of the survey to ensure anonymity.

Managing Director of Plan4Sport, Louise Tideswell, said: “Understanding who is currently involved in cricket across Scotland is crucial in helping us to advise Cricket Scotland on where it needs to address under-representation, and prioritise its investment, staff resources and programmes in the future, to create a truly inclusive sport which is welcoming to everyone.

“We need clubs, volunteers, coaches, umpires, players, staff, board and regional association committee members to help tell us what the profile of the game is in 2022. There isn’t a clear picture of this at present, so we need the help of the cricket community.

“We know that sharing personal data can sometimes feel like an intrusion, which is why this survey is completely anonymous, and we will not be asking for your name or contact details. But filling out this survey will really help us to establish a starting point, from which Cricket Scotland can move forwards.”

The survey is part of a wider consultation exercise currently being undertaken by Plan4Sport. It will be made available in alternative languages including Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati and Gaelic, as well as in hard copy and other accessible formats. Please contact for more information on this.

Chief Executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, said: “I want to again thank everyone who has so far contributed to the independent review into racism in Scottish cricket. We know that coming forward and sharing experiences can be painful but by contributing to this ‘Getting To Know You’ survey you will be helping to address the challenges facing the sport.

“The information collected by this survey will help shape the final review report and its associated recommendations, so it is vital that as many people as possible take the time to complete it. By doing so you will play a part in helping make a difference to Scottish cricket as we move forward.”

Interim Chair of Cricket Scotland, Sue Strachan, said: “Thank you to everyone who has bravely contributed to the independent review so far, we know it is not easy but sharing information, views and experiences are all critical to the process, shaping the final report and the future of the sport.

“This additional survey forms another important part of the independent review into racism in Scottish cricket and will contribute to its final findings, which will ultimately help us do better for everyone across the cricketing community.

“We recognise there is currently a gap and we need this data going forward to better inform our activities, strategies and actions so we making a commitment to carry out a similar survey on a regular basis. We will also share this information with the community so they too can see what our sport looks like.

“We would encourage everyone involved in cricket at all levels to take a few moments to complete the questionnaire.”

Please note the survey is only open to people aged 16 or over. You may respond on behalf of an individual as their parent/guardian or on behalf of someone who requires additional support.

Plan4Sport will publish its final report next month, which will contain a series of recommendations about anything that may need to change to address racism, inequalities and discrimination. Scotland’s national agency for sport, sportscotland, will hold the governing body to account on all areas of the independent review and its findings. 

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