Creating Great Experiences

Role of the Coach

Role of the Coach in Junior Cricket

The experience children have when they play cricket is vital.  As a junior coach you are the primary influencer of that experience, and therefore, it`s crucial you understand the environment you should be creating for junior cricket. The points below are common sense, yet are so important to ensuring children have a positive experience and continue to participate in, and love, cricket.

·         Ensure the facilities are open, clean, safe and ready to use

·         Run games with an energetic and fast-paced nature encouraging children at all times and ensuring all players are actively engaged

·         Take an interest in developing all your players and seeing them improve over the course of the season

·         Encourage children, parents and volunteers to get involved – scoring, umpiring, games on the side-line

·         Be clear in communicating the rules for the game

·         Organise your team and make sure they know the batting order

How we will measure success?

The number of players that want to come back each week!

What does great look like?

We need to make junior cricket vibrant. That means warm and welcoming facilities, engaged children and parents, and passionate coaches and organisers.  Let`s put the experience of the children and their families at the heart of what we deliver. Get this right, and they will keep coming back!