Mark Robinson: Scotland’s commitment is so impressive

Jake Perry speaks to Mark Robinson in Edinburgh during a three-day stint with Scotland's men.

Jake Perry @CricketScotland
February 18, 2020 4 years
Mark Robinson: Scotland’s commitment is so impressive

Former Sussex and England Women’s Head Coach Mark Robinson was in Edinburgh last week to lend his experience to the Scotland squad as Shane Burger’s men continued their preparations for the season ahead. The World Cup-winning coach was on hand for three days of training at MES and Fettes College.   

“Gus [Mackay] was Chief Executive at Sussex when I was there, and as I’m in between roles at the moment and doing a bit of consultancy he asked about the possibility of me coming and helping out with both squads,” he told the Cricket Scotland Podcast. “There’s always a lot of support for players but sometimes it’s the coaches who need a bit of a sounding board.

“There is obviously talent and some proven performers [within the squad], but what really hits me is the sacrifice. We were in the nets at half six today, and there are lads travelling from Glasgow, getting up at a quarter to four to get there. That’s proper [commitment]. These boys are not doing it for big bucks, they are doing it for the glory of the shirt and the love of playing for Scotland, and that’s what as a coach really gets you going.”

Last November, Mark also worked alongside the women’s squad and their Head Coach Steve Knox in Loughborough.   

“[With the women’s squad] it was very similar,” he said. “Steve Knox is outstanding, and [my being there] was to try and give a confidence, I guess, that everything is good. Sometimes it’s knowing that you don’t have to do everything. I know from my own point of view that you can be so much in it you can’t sometimes see, so that’s sometimes the beauty of an extra pair of eyes.

“But I’ve just been so impressed by all the coaches. And it was similar with the girls, that desire. They came to Loughborough, got in at midnight, half twelve at night, and were on deck at eight in the morning. We did a fielding session outside, I was freezing for an hour and a half, but they didn’t moan, they just got on with it. People say that should be the norm, but it isn’t.

“This isn’t about big IPL contracts,” he added. “It might be for some of these people down the line, but at the moment it’s not, it’s just about getting better and representing your country, and there’s nothing more pure than that.”


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