National Schools Week of Cricket

Next week will see the National Schools week of cricket kick off across the country

Abbi Aitken-Drummond @CricketScotland
June 9, 2017 7 years
National Schools Week of Cricket



Next week 12-15 June sees the return of Cricket Scotland’s ‘flagship’ participation event a week of school’s cricket; a series of cricket finals’ days and festivals to celebrate all that is good – and more – about junior cricket in Scotland!

In just 9 years the week has grown from two events with, approximately 150 schools taking part to a focal point of the school cricketing calendar and some 400+ schools involved.

There are now 7 events across the three venues and four days involving 50+ school’s teams most of which have come through a series of qualifying events during May. That’s over 500 school aged cricketers taking part in exciting cricket events in one week.

The events are:

12 June – National Primary School Girls Cup – at New Williamsfield, Stirling

12 June – Citylets National Secondary School Girls Cup (s1-3) – at New Williamsfield, Stirling

12 June – Citylets National Secondary School Girls Cup (s4-6) – at New Williamsfield, Stirling

13 June – Citylets National Secondary Schools Cup (s1-3) – at Doo’cot Park Perth

14 June – ScotRail Cup (National P6 Primary Schools) – at Doo’cot Park Perth

14 June – Citylets Independent Schools T20 Cup – at Goldenacre, Edinburgh

15 June – Cricket Factory BIG BLAST! – at Doo’cot Park Perth

The week is constantly evolving whether it is scoring zones, more teams involved, lunch-time challenges, innovative equipment and ideas or, as this year, a new event. For the first time in 2017 there will be a Girls Only primary school’s tournament to add to the calendar. Thus, reflecting the popularity and inclusiveness of cricket to all.

Neil Cameron, Regional Participation Manager for Grampian, Highlands and Islands adds, “I have been involved in SWoC since inception and every year the possibilities and talent that it unearths never ceases to excite me. It won’t be too long before a future Scotland captain emerges from the primary school events but the underlying ethos of all the tournaments can be summed-up in just three words – fun, fun and fun!”

We are very lucky, also, to have found such supportive sponsors in Citylets, Cricket Factory and ScotRail, each of which has added to the innovative tradition of these competitions and the week.

We are also excited to announce the fantastic `Player of the Tournament` prize for each of the Citylets sponsored competitions. The winning player will receive a bursary to go towards coaching and equipment!

Each day’s cricket will start at 10am (to approximately 3pm) do come along if you are in the area; these are four very exciting days of schools` cricket! If you can’t make it along follow us on twitter – @CSCommunityDev – to get updates as the days unfold.

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