Regional Officials Associations

The structure of officials in Scotland is as follows:

Domestic Officials Committee

The purpose of the Domestic Officials Committee is to provide the strategic direction and leadership for the recruitment, development and appointments of cricket officials in Scotland.

The primary roles of the committee include:

  • To develop and implement the strategic direction for the recruitment and development of officials within Scotland, that is nationally lead and regionally delivered
  • To develop and submit an Annual Officials Plan and Budget to Cricket Scotland for approval
  • To implement a robust and transparent process for the appointment of officials for all Cricket Scotland fixtures
  • To implement a process for the ongoing assessment and development of officials at all level
  • To provide the training infrastructure for officials at all levels with a specific responsibility for progressing more officials into intermediate level training and above
  • To ensure a clear pathway for communication with all officials and stakeholders, and ensure the local implementation of the strategy
  • To foster positive relationships with key partners, in particular ICC Europe and ECBACO, for the benefit of officials in Scotland

Committee Structure

The Committee will be made up of the following:


Cricket Scotland representative

Training and Development Rep – WoSACO

Training and Development Rep – ESCOA

Scorers Training and Development Rep – ESCOA

Scorers Training and Development Rep – WoSACO

Appointments Committee Rep – WoSACO

Appointments Committee Rep – ESCOA


East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association (ESCOA)

ESCOA are the regional association for the East of Scotland covering the ESCA, S&PCU, NoSCA and ACA leagues.

ESCOA are represented on the Domestic Officials Committee

Click here to go to the ESCOA website


West of Scotland Association of Cricket Officials (WoSACO)

WoSACO are the regional association for the West of Scotland covering the WDCU leagues.

WoSACO are represented on the Domestic Officials Committee


Cricket Scotland encourage all officials to become members of their regional association which will provide access to training and development, appointments to matches, and on-going support on your journey as an official.

We also highly recommend that all officials become members of the ECBACO so you can access training courses and excellent personal insurance cover.

Link to ECBACO website.


Officials Development

Aside from the tuition you’ll receive on each individual course, our regional associations provide ongoing support to help you develop as you move through the pathway.

You’ll work with experienced umpires and scorers who’ll be on hand to help you build on your skills. They’ll offer:


Each association offer mentoring opportunities to help you to take charge of your own learning by giving you the tools to assess your performances and spot ways you can improve.


By casting a critical eye over your performances, they’ll help ensure that your progress is on track and advise how the situation can be remedied if you’re struggling in any particular area.


As time goes by the focus will move more towards measuring your performance and checking that you’re fulfilling all the necessary criteria to officiate at your chosen level. This is done through boundary assessments with qualified assessors, conversations with your tutors and mentors, and peer assessments.