Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is played over the winter months with leagues and festivals taking place throughout Scotland. It`s an action-packed version of the game and is a great way to introduce new people to the sport.

Rules to get you started

–          Sixteen overs per side

–          Each pair bats for four overs

–          Every player bowls two overs

–          Every wicket is a deduction of five runs from the score

–          The non-striker’s crease is halfway down the wicket

–          Played using a softball or adapted indoor cricket ball


–          Fast, fun and open to all

–          No issues with the weather

–          Easier for people with no cricket experience to get involved

–          Minimal kit is needed

–          A game only takes about an hour

–          Can be played by both children and adults

Who is it aimed at?

Absolutely anyone can play this form and it`s a great way to introduce cricket to new people and also keep up skills and fitness for committed players over the winter months.

Simply join a local cricket club to find out about the opportunities in your area.