In December 2021 Scotland’s national agency for sport, sportscotland, commissioned global EDI experts Plan4Sport to carry out an independent review into racism within Scottish cricket. The findings were detailed in the “Changing The Boundaries” review, published in July 2022, which found Cricket Scotland to be institutionally racist. An Action Plan was created with immediate recommendations for change within the governing body, which Cricket Scotland have pledged to act upon in full. More details about this Action Plan can be found further down this page.

The subsequent Referrals Process, run by an independent investigative team, has been fully supported by Cricket Scotland. The governing body is fully committed to improving our game and acting on all the recommendations emanating from the Referrals Process. More details about the Referrals Process can be found further down this page.

To read the “Changing the Boundaries” review, please click below.

CS Action Plan

This short-term Action Plan provides an overview of Cricket Scotland’s response and progress to the Changing the Boundaries recommendations. Central to these recommendations is a commitment to ensure cricket is a welcoming place for all groups and sections within our society.

Referrals Process

Click below for an up-to-date guide to the referrals process, as well as information about the Conduct In Sport Panel, which will oversee and adjudicate if required on the final stages of the process.

Published Documents

Making A Complaint To Cricket Scotland

If you wish raise a complaint with Cricket Scotland, please contact the governing body via the email address below.

All complaints will be investigated via Cricket Scotland’s robust and transparent complaints process.

The flowchart detailing Cricket Scotland’s complaints process can be found here.