Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket is a simple game for all boys and girls from 8 years of age upwards. The aim is to give children of all abilities the opportunity to play cricket in a fun, fair and safe environment.

What is it?

Kwik Cricket is a fully inclusive game where the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. Each Kwik Cricket team has 8 players (Four pairs who bat for two overs each) and bats for 8 overs. Everyone in the team gets the opportunity to bat, bowl, wicket-keep and field making it a vibrant and exciting game.

In practice any number of people can play, from 2 to 32. Simply adapt the game to your own particular environment with regards to space, time available and numbers playing.


Download the Kwik Cricket Rules for further details on how Kwik Cricket matches and competitions are structured and run. You can also download a Kwik Cricket scorecard to keep track of your Kwik Cricket match.

Kwik Cricket Rules

Kwik Cricket Scoresheet

Kwik Cricket Pitch Layout

Introduction to Kwik Cricket


Kwik cricket equipment is made up of lightweight, plastic bats, stumps and balls. It is easily purchased through most sporting equipment retailers. Click on the link below to order your equipment from the KWIK CRICKET WEBSITE

Festivals and Competitions

Local festivals and Kwik Cricket Competitions take place throughout the country over the summer period. These are focused on participation and skill development with all players encouraged to develop all the skills of cricket in a friendly and fun environment.

To find out more about local opportunities contact your nearest cricket club or Cricket Scotland Regional Participation Manager