Eric Thompson

1965 - 1977 (41 caps)



One of only two Scotland players born in the Orkney Islands, Eric Thompson was one of the very best seam bowlers ever produced by Scotland. Educated at Melville College in Edinburgh, before the amalgamation with Daniel Stewart’s College, he progressed to the best ever team produced by Melville College FP. This team included Dougie Barr & Ronnie Chisholm, both seasoned Scottish internationalists, who have previously been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Eric Thompson progressed to the Scotland team in 1965, his first game being against Ireland in Dublin. In the Irish 2nd innings he took five wickets for 11 runs, helping dismiss Ireland for 25, the lowest score ever against Scotland until the figure was lowered by Oman earlier this year.

This was the first of six 5 wicket hauls in a 41 match Scotland career which stretched until 1977. Thompson was a regular choice in an era of far fewer games, but before the days of one-day cricket for the Scotland team. This meant lengthy bowling spells against County and Test Match standard teams.

A genial and generous companion, he had a sense of fun which endeared to friend and foe alike. Whether inwardly glowing from a six wicket haul against the West Indies or foot weary after a fruitless day at Edgbaston, he would be the same Eric, smiling wryly over a well-earned beer and invariably seeing humour in either success or failure.

In all he took 107 wickets for Scotland, during the course of bowling just over 1,100 overs. Standing just over 6 foot tall, he had a superb bowling action, his most dangerous delivery being the ball he would bring back sharply to right-handed batsmen. A superb athlete, Thompson also excelled at rugby & squash. He died in 1992 at the all too early age of 53. His Hall of Fame cap will therefore be received by members of his family.