George Salmond

1990 - 2001 (146 caps)


1st December 1969, Dundee, Angus, Scotland


Scotland v Indians, Titwood, Glasgow, 14 July 1990



During a distinguished cricketing career, Salmond captained Scotland in Under-16, Under-19 B and senior levels. He led the national side on 104 occasions and enjoyed a win percentage of 35.58% – almost identical to the record of his successor Craig Wright, the only other player to reach three figures at the helm.

George led this country to a memorable first appearance on the global stage, masterminding an arduous qualification campaign in Malaysia in 1997 before lining up against the best sides in the world in England two years later.

If his record against county opposition and in the few ODIs that he played is modest, Salmond’s statistics in the longer format bear comparison with the very best, his average of 46.74 being the highest of any Scotland player who appeared in a minimum of ten First-Class matches.

His 181 against Ireland in 1996 remains the third equal highest individual score for the national team, behind only fellow Hall of Famers Iain Philip and Rev James Aitchison.

Salmond was also arguably Scotland’s first genuinely world-class fielder, a whippet in the covers or at mid-wicket whose athleticism and safe hands were responsible for many a dismissal. It is Salmond’s record as a captain which surely confirms him out as one of the greats of Caledonian cricket.

Due to an innate sense of both fair play and fun, it was easy to be fooled by such nicknames as Gentleman George and Genial George which easily and alliteratively attached themselves to the Scotland skipper. However, many an opponent discovered to their cost that there was a ruthless streak to Salmond, borne at once of an acute will to win and a keen tactical acumen.

Salmond proudly and with typical distinction represented his home-town Arbroath for much of his club career and was above all a sportsman in the truest sense of the word and a superb ambassador for Scottish cricket.