Women's Squad

Samantha Haggo


Samantha was born in Irvine, near to hometown Prestwick where she spent the first 23 years of her life.  Like many other young girls, Samantha was deeply passionate about Barbie, Spice Girls and dressing up as a Disney princess, but with cricket running deep in the family history, it wasn’t long before the dresses got ditched for glorious Nike tracksuits. From a young age, she was pushed around the boundary of her father and uncle’s games for Prestwick 1st X1 in her pram, and many a Saturday was spent playing with the other boys at the side of the pitch. Her earliest memory of actually learning the game involves international umpire Chris Gaffney, who was club pro at the time. He, alongside father Allan, really stoked her interest in cricket and at 7, she played in her first Kwik cricket tournament (she was the only girl there).

At 14, a dream came true as she made her debut for Scotland, although a dream debut it was not – she didn’t bowl and got a duck. Nevertheless, Samantha continued to represent Scotland through high school and university, where she studied Business and Management in Glasgow.  On graduating, Samantha spent 2 winters in New Zealand playing club and some domestic cricket, for the Canterbury Magicians. She was lucky enough to play at test venues such as the Basin Reserve and Seddon Park, and do a bit of travelling.

Sam recently participated in the WCQ in Sri Lanka, although a couple of injuries meant a frustrating tour where she only managed 2 warm up games, and none in the actual tournament.

Her versatility for the national squad has seen her bat throughout the order where required and has been one of the most consistent seam-bowlers in the squad, earning over 94 caps for her country.  Samantha recently moved to the capital and is hoping to join Carlton.

Outwith cricket, she enjoys the gym, socialising with friends, long walks and chip and dip. She is currently working for a brewery in Edinburgh and plays a strong role as the team’s designated DJ.