Scottish Cricket: Past, Present, Future

Lizzie Sleet @CricketScotland
November 22, 2017 6 years
Scottish Cricket: Past, Present, Future

Monday night (20th November) saw the official launch of the new Scottish cricket exhibition located inside the Scottish Football at Hampden park, Glasgow. The exhibition was opened by current Scotland captain Kyle Coetzer.

The exhibition displays a range of cricket memorabilia from the past and present aiming to tell the story of the games illustrious history and the contribution it has made to life in Scotland. It also aims to broaden people’s understanding of cricket in Scotland, highlighting the different forms of the sport and the diversity of those that enjoy the game.

As part of the Sports Heritage Scotland series of exhibitions, the display will run until May 2018 – Heritage Scotland was established in 2015 by national bodes representing cricket, curling, golf, football, rugby and shinty.

At the heart of the partnership is an ambition to identify and preserve Scotland’s sporting heritage and support a national reminiscence partnership which aims to support the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia and other forms of memory loss.

Cricket Scotland are most thankful to the many clubs that have provided exhibits for the museum, so much so that only 40% of the exhibits will be on show at any one time.

Included within the exhibition is the Aberdeenshire Cup from 1884 arguably the most beautiful exhibit & the oldest one still competed for; The Minute book of the first SCU meeting from 1879; A case of items showing Bradman’s last game in the UK from 1948; A large picture of the Victorian team at Rossie Priory; and the Eglinton Cup – thought to be Scotland’s oldest cricket Trophy.

Speaking at the launch, Cricket Scotland President Bruce Dixon gave praise to the working group that have spent much of the past two months travelling the length and breadth of country collecting the valuable exhibits.

Further details on the exhibition are available on the dedicated Facebook page 

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