This guide to SCRS - the Scottish Cricket Registration System - explains how to register with the National Governing Body.

Why SCRS Matters to Scottish Cricket

Adoption and use of SCRS is essential to allow Cricket Scotland to report accurate data to the ICC and sportscotland. This data reporting is mandatory as part of the funding agreement to Cricket Scotland from both parties.


The collection of data will enable Cricket Scotland to focus its funding and strategic planning more effectively. The governing body’s new long-term strategy, to be published in the spring of 2024, will reflect the need for a more data-led approach to governance.

All data acquired within SCRS is GDPR compliant and meets the standards required by sportscotland and ICC.

Registration is a TWO STEP PROCESS

1. Create an account on SCRS.
2. Add a registration to your profile reflecting your involvement in Scottish cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions About SCRS

What Does SCRS Look Like?

This is an example of an SCRS profile page. The system is simple to navigate and takes around five minutes to be registered on - and it's FREE to use in 2024!


SCRS Benefits

Who Should Register With SCRS?

Anyone involved in Scottish cricket can register with SCRS!

In 2024, Cricket Scotland is prioritising the following categories – Players, Juniors, Club Officials and Administrators.

How Much Does SCRS Cost?

Registering with SCRS is FREE!

This follows feedback from the Scottish cricketing community within the numerous consultation meetings that took place across 2023.

Cricket Scotland appreciates and greatly values the feedback around the previous proposal of a fee for SCRS, and will continue to encourage discussion about any possible future fee as part of ongoing consultation with regions and clubs.

Video Guides For SCRS

Cricket Scotland is providing a series of video guides to assist with SCRS registration, for both regular users and Club Administrators. Click on the links below to find out more!


Video Guides For Anyone Registering on SCRS

Videos For Club Administrators

What Does My Club Need To Do Next?

Appoint a Club Administrator!

Every club is asked to appoint a Club Administrator as soon as possible, who will be able to liaise directly with Cricket Scotland’s Membership Administrator and will be responsible for communicating to their members to sign up to SCRS.

Cricket Scotland would kindly ask all clubs to appoint a Club Admin by March 31, 2024.

Should no Club Admin be appointed, Cricket Scotland will then work with club secretaries by default to assist with SCRS rollout, in conjunction with Regional Admins.

Club Admins should register in the normal way (see video, “How to Register on SCRS) and then contact Cricket Scotland’s Membership Administrator for more information.

Who Do I Contact For Help?

Cricket Scotland’s Membership Administrator, Patrick Watson, is available to respond to any queries from clubs or those attempting to register with SCRS.


You can also contact your Regional Administrator for advice and support.