sportscotland update on the review of racism in Scottish cricket

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January 19, 2022 2 years
sportscotland update on the review of racism in Scottish cricket

The team leading an independent review into racism within Scottish cricket is appealing for those affected to come forward and share their experiences to help improve the sport.

As part of the independent investigation process, the review team at Plan4Sport want to speak to anyone who has been treated differently because of their race or who has faced racism within cricket in Scotland. This includes former and current players, administrators, umpires, staff and volunteers or anyone else who has information or evidence that could contribute to the ongoing independent review of racism in Scottish cricket.

Racism and racial discrimination can take many forms including physical abuse, direct slurs, comparable differing treatment with other groups such as gaining less opportunities, or exclusion based on skin colour or ethnicity.  

It doesn’t matter if you believe your experience is in some way too small or insignificant the review team want to hear from you.  Your stories and experiences can help shape the recommendations to improve things. They’ll be treated in full confidence and will not be shared with anyone directly involved in cricket.

Managing Director of Plan4Sport, Louise Tideswell, said: “People have already come forward to express their interest in talking to the Plan4Sport review team and we would encourage anyone else to do so. We need these insights to ensure that our recommendations to Cricket Scotland reflect the real issues which need to be tackled.”

Chief Executive of sportscotland, Stewart Harris, said: “We understand that coming forward and sharing experiences can be difficult and even traumatic. So, I want to assure people that this is a safe space where you will be treated with respect and compassion.

“It is vital that we hear from those who have experienced or witnessed racism or racial inequalities within cricket. I know for many people this won’t be easy but by taking part in this process you will be helping effect positive change in the sport that you love.”

Anyone who has been affected by racism or racial inequalities within Scottish cricket should contact in the first instance. All contacts will be treated confidentially and will be responded to by the independent review team.

Qasim Sheikh, part of the Running Out Racism campaign, said: “The review is an opportunity for those of us who believe in positive change, which is long overdue, to provide the evidence that can be a catalyst for that change.  

“Your experiences from the smallest examples of different treatment to racial slurs, are all important. We recognise coming forward is a big step for many after years of silence and inaction, and therefore if anyone would like support in doing so, they can contact our campaign. We have a dedicated team of skilled volunteers with their own lived experience, ready to support you.”

The independent review will ensure that lessons are learned and that action is taken to address the issues facing cricket as part of a report set to be published in July this year.

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