Statement from Cricket Scotland

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December 8, 2021 2 years
Statement from Cricket Scotland

Cricket Scotland welcomes today’s statement from sportscotland in relation to the appointment of a team of independent experts to carry out a full a review of racism in Scottish cricket.

Cricket Scotland has been in discussions with sportscotland in recent weeks and is grateful for the support that has been offered by the organisation which will allow this process to move forward positively.

We are grateful to sportscotland for progressing the work that we had begun on our Equality Action Plan in this way. It is of paramount importance to the organisation to have in place not only a fully independent expert leading the review but also to provide a safe space for all those affected by racism to share their experiences and receive support where needed. 

Cricket Scotland is committed to engaging fully in the review process and to acting up the recommendations which come out of it.

President of Cricket Scotland, Sue Strachan, said: “We have reached out to sportscotland for their help and support to investigate any evidence of racism in cricket in Scotland. We are grateful to sportscotland for commissioning this wide-ranging independent review of racism within the sport that we love. 

“The Boards of Cricket Scotland, in association with the regional Associations and the Scottish Cricketers Association and the Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association, will engage fully with the independent review and have committed to acting upon any recommendations made as a result of its findings. We want to ensure that going forward there is no place for racism within cricket in Scotland.”

The full scope of the review will be confirmed publicly by sportscotland within the next seven days.

We hope that everyone from within our sport who has experience of racism will engage with the process knowing that their anonymity is guaranteed and that incidents of racism will be robustly investigated. 

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