Cricket Deal Direct Premier League Fixtures 2017

Sunday 7th May: West v Carlton (Greenock CC)
Sunday 21st May: West v GWC (Dumfries CC) and RHC V Carlton
Sunday 4th June: GWC v Carlton and West v RHC (Stirling CCC)
Sunday 18th June: RHC v GWC and Carlton v West
Sunday 16th July: GWC v West and Carlton v RHC
Sunday 30th July: Carlton v GWC and RHC v West
Sunday 6th August: GWC v RHC

Women’s Scottish Cup

Sunday 27 August: Scottish Cup
Sunday 3 September: Scottish Cup
Saturday 9 September: Scottish Cup Finals Day

Regional Dates:

Sunday 11 June: Regionals T20
Sunday 25 June: Regionals T20
Sunday 9 July: Regionals T20