There are a number of ways that your club can secure grant funding!

Awards for All

Funds a range of projects which involve bringing local people together, helping people learn, improving local spaces and getting people more active.  Grants of between £500 and £10,000 are available.

Awards for All

The Cricket Development Trust (Scotland)

Exists “to promote and support the education, development and well being of children and young people within Scotland through the game of cricket” and they have supported a number of clubs around the country:

Cricket Development Trust (Scotland)


Has a funding section on their website, with a filter menu which helpfully allows you to select the project type you are looking for funding for, the size of funding you are looking for and the type of organisation you are:

sportscotland funding

Direct Club Investment

This is not a traditional ‘grant’ scheme and should be viewed very differently by potential applicants.  Direct Club Investment is unique as it offers investment to support club development over a period of 2-4 years and is based around allowing time for significant change to occur.  Any club considering this programme is strongly encouraged to contact their local Cricket Scotland staff member to seek guidance in the first instance, before being prepared to meet with sportscotland to try and develop their business case.

Direct Club Investment

Foundation Scotland

Has a range of funding programmes available – some which run Scotland wide and some which run on a more local basis.

Foundation Scotland

The Big Lottery Fund

Another good source of information – and another organisation which has a funding finder, to help narrow your search:

Big Lottery Fund

Local Authority

Your Local Authority will offer some funding support – possibly for very targeted projects.  The key to these type of applications is building up a good link with local staff, as they will be best placed to guide you through their schemes and application processes:


If you have a project you are looking for support with, please contact your local Cricket Scotland staff member to get their advice and their knowledge of local contact networks.



Many fundraising events can be targeted at your existing networks – your members, their family and friends and your local community. Often it is not a case of “have we approached someone?” but rather “have we approached them in the right way”. If you can get this right, fundraising events can add valuable funds to your club.


If you are building something new, maybe a buy-a-brick campaign could encourage lots of people to make a small donation towards the big project, by literally buying a brick!

Club-Run Events

Club Dinners (including auctions), Club Lunches, a President’s Day, quiz nights, race nights, raffles and other themed evenings can all be great ways of raising some much-needed funding – but also to bring your club membership, friends, family and your local community together.

Membership Fees

Membership fees can be an easy way to raise funds – but it is always tricky to find that balance between having a fee which helps your club to sustain itself and grow and having a fee which is seen as being too high.  Having a clear, and unified, vision of what the club is trying to achieve may help.  Many sports clubs offer a monthly year all year round to help to break up ‘big’ membership fee payments.

On-Line Shopping

If you have a membership which does a lot of, or small but high value, on-line shopping, you may be able to benefit from on-line shopping schemes such as:

Recycling Schemes

There are schemes out there which will pay you for your recycling!  Examples of this include:



Another method of fund-raising which many clubs make great use of.  It could be your club 1st XI, your Women’s team, your Veterans’ team or even individual player, or match-ball, sponsorship – but there are many ways you can create sponsorship opportunities for those with both small, and bigger, budgets.