Open to All

Cricket Scotland aims to ensure people from all backgrounds feel welcome in cricket.

Committed to Becoming the Most Diverse Sport in Scotland

Cricket Scotland is committed to becoming the most diverse sport in Scotland. A key part to enabling that is an on-going commitment throughout cricket to be welcoming to all groups and sections within our society.

We aim to ensure that no individuals (this includes players, spectators, coaches, officials and administrators) receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of their age, sex, disability, race, ethnic origin, gender, parental or marital status, pregnancy, religion or belief, class or socio-economic status, sexual orientation or political belief.

There will be a safe and welcoming environment to all those who wish to be involved in cricket and that everyone is treated fairly and with respect. To help guide this commitment to diversity and inclusion, Cricket Scotland have an `Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group` that meets regularly to push forward improvements for cricket. To access the Terms of Reference for this group, click here

We hope all our clubs take a similar stance and that we can provide support and guidance in helping you achieve this and become a hub for your community.

Cricket Scotland Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Newsletters and Survey Cover Letter

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Benefits of being `Open to All`

There`s no doubt your club will benefit by being truly open to all. These could include:

  • Attracting new members to your club as you`re seen as accepting and  welcoming to everyone
  • A more vibrant and exciting place to be around as people from all walks of life come together
  • Ability to attract additional grant funding to develop your club – grant funders look for documentation like an open constitution and without doubt look more favourably upon those organisations that have a commitment to providing opportunities to all sections of the community
  • Ability to attract sponsors – businesses like to be associated with socially responsible partners and those with a similar ethos. The growth in CSR and businesses with a greater social conscience can`t be ignored
  • Greater links with your community and broadening of awareness and support for your club


Understanding Different Religious Faiths

Cricket in Scotland involves a growing number of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Ensuring your members and club provide welcoming and understanding environments for everyone is important to the future of your club.

The ECB provide some excellent guidance on different religious faiths – click here


The Equality Act 2010 – Guidance for cricket

We recommend all cricket organisations make themselves aware of their responsibilities relating to the Equality Act 2010.

To find out more on the Equality Act 2010 and who it protects, please download this document.

For an explanation of positive action and the differences between what is legal and illegal within the Equality Act 2010 please read here.


Disability Cricket

  • Do you have disabled access at your club?
  • Do you provide playing and volunteering opportunities for people with a disability
  • Are your coaches equipped to accommodate disability athletes

For more information and guidance  on disability cricket, go to the Disability Cricket section or contact our Disability Cricket Development Officer below:


Cricket Scotland Disability Cricket Development Officer

Position is currently being filled – details to follow shortly


For additional support on disability provision go to Scottish Disability Sport –


Female Cricket

  • How welcoming is your club for females?
  • Do you have female changing rooms?
  • Do you provide female specific cricket opportunities?
  • Are the toilets and clubhouse clean and welcoming?
  • Do you treat the female teams/players the same as the male teams/players?

We understand that for some clubs starting a female section can be a bit daunting. However, like starting anything for the first time, start with small steps.

For more guidance on how to start a female sections and be more welcoming to females, go to our female cricket section of club services

You can also contact our Female Participation Manager, Nicola Wilson –


Documentation to guide your inclusive club