Ever wondered how Cricket Scotland can help to make a difference to your club? With Cricket Force you can seek our assistance!

The CricketForce Scheme is a club-based initiative aimed at rejuvenating Scotland’s cricketing facilities by encouraging cricket supporters, local communities, and their friends and families to volunteer to undertake renovations at their local cricket club in the lead up to the season.

While these club events can take place at any time, Cricket Scotland has announced the weekend of 6-7th April as the official CricketForce weekend in Scotland.

We are hoping that cricket clubs across the country sign up to the event and use it as a great opportunity to prepare their facilities and bring together their membership and communities for the start of the season.

Cricket Scotland will also be doing some significant publicity in the lead up to, and during, the CricketForce weekend, to provide some profile for clubs. Cricket Scotland will be visiting Northern Counties CC and Largo CC in 2019, with the two successful cricket clubs receiving hands-on support from Cricket Scotland staff and players for the day!

You can click here for information on how to make the most out of your CricketForce event.

If you have any questions regarding CricketForce please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Participation Manager. Otherwise, we hope your club registers for this great scheme and joins us in celebrating club cricket.

Galloway CC - CricketForce Day