Thriving Clubs Programme

Cricket Scotland has been running, in partnership with Sports Marketing Network, an innovative programme designed to help support clubs to embrace change and become more welcoming and enterprising.

In an increasingly competitive sporting market, traditional club models and ways of operating are coming under extreme pressure.

People engage with, and consume sport, far differently to how they did 5-10+ years ago. Therefore, Cricket Scotland, in conjunction with Sports Marketing Network, will be helping clubs to become more vibrant, visible and viable community clubs through their new training, support and mentoring programme, Thriving Clubs. The programme has 3 key outcomes:

  • Income Generation
  • Community Engagement
  • Membership Growth


Outline of Thriving Clubs Programme

Tier One Support

Selected clubs that will receive bespoke support from Sports Marketing Network to develop transformational projects for the club.


Tier Two Support

Selected clubs that will receive 1-2-1 support from your Regional Participation Manager, with the aim of gearing clubs to move into `Tier One` in future years.


Tier Three Support

Available to all Cricket Scotland member clubs, the tier three support will provide access to six webinars annually which will cover topics focusing on how to make clubs more vibrant, visible and viable.


Thriving Clubs – Webinar Series

Cricket Scotland have initiated a series of 6 webinars over the course of the year, focusing on helping your club becoming more enterprising. For details on the webinar topics see the links below or contact your Cricket Scotland Regional Manager to book on.


Club Support Documents