The brand new Dynamos Cricket app is here!

The app is available on iOS and Android devices now!

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May 15, 2020 4 years
The brand new Dynamos Cricket app is here!

The England and Wales Cricket Board has this week launched a brand new free Dynamos Cricket app!

Full of quizzes and challenges, kids can also learn lots of new skills such as batting, bowling and fielding. It promises to keep children active and the family entertained during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Download the app now!

Alongside the launch of the app, the England and Wales Cricket Board published it’s findings from research on activity during COVID-19, suggesting “that doing exercise during the lockdown period could help to form positive long-term sporting habits.”

It went on to explain that 53% of parents are spending more time doing physical activities with their children as a result of the lockdown, with 61% are planning to continue exercising as a family after lockdown.

Sixty one per cent of 500 parents surveyed with kids aged 8-15 say “sport is helping the physical and mental wellbeing of their families, whilst over half (54%) believe that doing sports and fitness with their children during lockdown has brought their family closer together.”

The app is part of the wider Dynamos Cricket programme that launched earlier this year for kids aged 8-11. The eight-week programme is aimed at those new to the game or those graduating from All Stars Cricket.

You can find out more about Dynamos Cricket here.

Pssst, we suggest following Scotland captain Kathryn Bryce and selecting Trent Rockets as your favourite team on the app!


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