CS Development Update April 2022

Each week we highlight all the amazing work being done by our Development team to help grow the game in Scotland.

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April 27, 2022 2 years
CS Development Update April 2022

We look back at the last week and highlight some of the work being done by our Development team throughout the country in order to grow the game.

We are providing opportunities to get women in cricket started on their coaching journey with the ECB Foundation 1 course for females only.

Fantastic work up in the North of Scotland with the Wee Bash as we continue to offer more opportunities for Women and Girls to play cricket.

East of Scotland Cricket Association ran a fantastic Women’s Cricket Festival on Sunday with an amazing turnout. A huge thanks to Annette Aitken-Drummond for such a great event.

Barry McGeachy continues to spread opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy cricket, making our game accessible to anyone that wants to get involved.

ESCA have also put together an initiative to provide workshops for women in the East of Scotland, with some of our best players providing their expertise in all of the cricketing skills.

More information on coaching courses can be found on our website:  or contact David Bordes:

More information on women and girls’ cricket can be found on our website:  or contact your local Regional Development Officer

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