Top online courses for #VolunteerWeekScot

Get ready for the cricket season with these courses!

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June 4, 2020 4 years

As part of #VolunteerWeekScot, we list the best courses to get you ready for the action when the cricket season finally returns to Scotland.

Will you learn about mental health in the role of a coach, or brush up on your scoring ability? Read on to find a course that suits you!


Did you know UK Coaching has a whole host of online courses? From “Coaching People with a Visual Impairment” to “Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity”, there is a course for any coach ranging from 30 minutes to as long as four hours.

Click here for UK Coaching courses


This free entry level course, run by the England and Wales Cricket Board, is designed to provide you with all the skills needed to start scoring. The best thing? You don’t need any prior knowledge of scoring to participate, meaning you have no excuse not to give your club a helping hand and get the scorebook out on a game day!

You will cover topics such as the score-sheet, signals, dismissals and scoring symbols and is open to anyone from the age of 13.

Click here for the Basics of Scoring online course


Another from our friends down at the ECB, the Basics of Umpiring Course is designed to help you build confidence during a 10-over stint of umpiring on a game day.

Featuring umpiring basics ranging from the key Laws to basic fieldcraft, you can use the free resource as you wish. You may want to go through it once or return over the season to refresh your knowledge. The choice is yours!

Like the scorers course above, anyone from the age of 13 can complete it.

Click here for the Basics of Umpiring online course


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