Trinity Primary pupils shine during T20 World Cup Anthem Ceremony

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October 21, 2021 2 years
Trinity Primary pupils shine during T20 World Cup Anthem Ceremony

If you’ve been watching the television coverage of Scotland’s matches at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup carefully, you will have spotted some faces you might not know as the players belt out Flower of Scotland before each game.

Typically at major events like the T20 World Cup a group of school children accompany the players onto the pitch for the Anthem Ceremony where the participating teams’ national anthems are played. It’s a special experience where kids get the enviable privilege of meeting their heroes, but due to the bio-security protocols put in place for the safety and security of the players, match officials and the children there is no physical walkout of the players and kids at this year’s event.

To keep the spirit of the Anthem Ceremony, the ICC worked with each participating nation to record a special version of their anthem, sung by a group of schoolchildren, and this is where the pupils from Trinity Primary School in Edinburgh join the story.

Trinity is where star Scotland spin bowler Mark Watt attended primary school and the family connection remains strong with his sister, Miss Watt, teaching a the school. On a rainy day in late September, pupils from the school got in front of the camera to record a version of Flower of Scotland that has been seen around the world this week.

We’d like to give huge thanks to Trinity’s music teacher, Miss Chalmers, Miss Watt and all of the pupils at the school for their fantastic rendition of Flower of Scotland and for being a very important part of our T20 World Cup experience.

You can catch them ahead of today’s match against Oman with coverage on Sky Sports starting at 2.30pm UK time.

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