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Our partners love supporting Scottish cricket, engaging with their target markets & new audiences, growing their brand profile and making a real difference. We love that to.


Our main sponsor Parkmead is great at finding oil - they also love cricket. Their continued support helps all our age grouped international teams practise all year round, have access to the best coaching and get to play more cricket. Their logo also looks pretty nifty on our shirts.

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Tribe Yoga

If in doubt, just breathe! It's how our players relax after a hard days cricket. Tribe Yoga's Northumberland St location in the heart of downtown Edinburgh offers ten classes a every day, with a range of styles to chose from.

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Nuffield Health

Nuffield keep our international men and women in tip-top condition. Our favourite Nuffield Fitness club is at Fountain Park in Edinburgh, but that's just because there is a Cinema and a Nando's nearby.

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