U13 Club Championship 2015

Preliminary Round to be played by 3 May 2015

(Side drawn first play at HOME)

Stoneywood Dyce v Huntly
Stoneywood Dyce 122 for 4 beat Huntly 118 for 4
Falkland v Broomhall
Broomhall 81 for 3 beat Falkland 80 for 3
Grange v Carlton
Grange 145 for 4 (D Hood 30ret; M Buchan 30ret, D Blood 3 for 16) beat Carlton 76 for 6 (D Blood 31ret)
East Lothian County v Watsonian
East Lothian awarded the tie
West of Scotland v Poloc
Poloc 104 for 4 (SMS Shah 33ret) beat West of Scotland 70 for 5 (C Cooke 30ret)
Ayr v Greenock
Ayr 78 for 2 (R Simpson 31ret) beat Greenock 77 for 5 (J Knowles 32ret)
Callander v Helensburgh
Callander conceded the tie.

Round 1 to be played by 17 May 2015
(Side drawn first play at HOME)

Aberdeenshire v Stoneywood Dyce
Aberdeenshire conceded the tie
Forfarshire v Broomhall
Broomhall 119 for 2 beat Forfarshire 64 for 2
Arbroath United v Largo
Arbroath United 80 for 6 (D Salmond 32ret) beat Largo 79 for 6 (M Salmond 4 for 3)
Grange v Kinross-shire
Grange 193 for 4 (D Hood 32ret, F Campbell 30ret, B Muncaster 30ret) beat Kinross-shire 34 all out (F Peet 3 for 4)
West Lothian v East Lothian County
West Lothian conceded the tie
Stirling County v Poloc
Stirling County conceded the tie
Ferguslie v Ayr
Ayr 133 for 2 beat Ferguslie 54 all out
Helensburgh v Clydesdale
Clydesdale 155 for 2 (D Cairns 30ret, T Koteeswaran 30ret, D Sturgess 31ret) beat Helensburgh 22 all out

Quarter Finals to be played by 31 May 2015
(Side drawn first play AWAY)

Stoneywood Dyce v Broomhall
Stoneywood Dyce conceded the tie
Arbroath United v Grange
Grange 156 for 5 (F Campbell 31no) beat Arbroath United 59 for 7 (J Pearson 3 for 2)
East Lothian County v Poloc
Poloc 93 for 8 beat East Lothian County 61 for 9
Ayr v Clydesdale
Clydesdale 52 for 1 beat Ayr 48 for 6


Broomhall v Grange
Grange 186 for 2 (C Peet 30ret, D Hood 31ret, F Peet 30ret, B Muncaster 30ret) beat Broomhall 39 all out (F Peet 3 for 4, C Peet 3 for 6)
Poloc v Clydesdale
Clydesdale 59 for no wicket (R Heginbotham 33ret) beat Poloc 58 for 9 (T Koteeswaran 3 for 11)

Final played on 14 June 2015 at Goldenacre, Edinburgh.

Grange v Clydesdale
Grange 136 for 9 (F Campbell 33ret, D Hood 30ret, A H Khan 4 for 20) beat Clydesdale 120 all out (D Cairns 31ret, T Koteeswaran 30ret, B Muncaster 3 for 15)

Grange are the Scotland Region winners and progress to the National Stage - Round 1

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