CSL Eastern Premiership Fixtures 2017

The CSL Eastern Premiership starts on Saturday 29 April 2017 with the defending champions, Carlton, travelling to Glenrothes on the opening day. New boys SMRH are at home to local rivals Watsonian while another local derby sees Heriots making the short journey to play old rivals Grange at Raeburn Place.

29 April 2017
Grange v Heriots
Glenrothes v Carlton
Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire
Arbroath United v Falkland
SMRH v Watsonian              13.00 start

6 May 2017
Carlton v Grange
Forfarshire v Heriots
Falkland v Glenrothes
Aberdeenshire v Watsonian
Arbroath United v SMRH

13 May 2017
Grange v Forfarshire
Carlton v Falkland
Heriots v Watsonian
Glenrothes v SMRH
Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United

20 May 2017
Falkland v Grange
Watsonian v Forfarshire
SMRH v Carlton                                    13.00 start
Heriots v Arbroath United
Glenrothes v Aberdeenshire

27 May 2017
Grange v Watsonian
Falkland v SMRH
Forfarshire v Arbroath United
Carlton v Aberdeenshire
Heriots v Glenrothes

3 June 2017
SMRH v Grange                                    13.00 start
Arbroath United v Watsonian
Aberdeenshire v Falkland
Glenrothes v Forfarshire
Carlton v Heriots

10 June 2017
Arbroath United v Grange
Aberdeenshire v SMRH
Watsonian v Glenrothes                        13.00 start
Falkland v Heriots
Forfarshire v Carlton

17 June 2017
Grange v Aberdeenshire
Glenrothes v Arbroath United
Heriots v SMRH
Carlton v Watsonian
Forfarshire v Falkland

24 June 2017
Grange v Glenrothes
Aberdeenshire v Heriots
Arbroath United v Carlton
SMRH v Forfarshire                              13.00 start
Falkland v Watsonian

1 July 2017 
Heriots v Grange
Carlton v Glenrothes
Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire
Falkland v Arbroath United
Watsonian v SMRH

8 July 2017
Grange v Carlton
Heriots v Forfarshire
Glenrothes v Falkland
Watsonian v Aberdeenshire
SMRH v Arbroath United

15 July 2017
Forfarshire v Grange
Falkland v Carlton
Watsonian v Heriots
SMRH v Glenrothes
Arbroath United v Aberdeenshire

22 July 2017
Grange v Falkland
Forfarshire v Watsonian
Carlton v SMRH
Arbroath United v Heriots
Aberdeenshire v Glenrothes

29 July 2017
Watsonian v Grange
SMRH v Falkland
Arbroath United v Forfarshire
Aberdeenshire v Carlton
Glenrothes v Heriots

5 August 201
Grange v SMRH
Watsonian v Arbroath United
Falkland v Aberdeenshire
Forfarshire v Glenrothes
Heriots v Carlton

12 August 2017
Grange v Arbroath United 
SMRH v Aberdeenshire
Glenrothes v Watsonian
Heriots v Falkland
Carlton v Forfarshire

19 August 2017
Aberdeenshire v Grange
Arbroath United v Glenrothes
SMRH v Heriots
Watsonian v Carlton
Falkland v Forfarshire

26 August 2017
Glenrothes v Grange
Heriots v Aberdeenshire
Carlton v Arbroath United
Forfarshire v SMRH
Watsonian v Falkland

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