The Board 

Board Members of Cricket Scotland Limited

Chairman - Keith Oliver

Robert Barclay

Kenny Godsman

David Hays

Jim Young

Keith Young

Roddy Smith

Board Members of Cricket Scotland Holdings Limited
Above Members plus:

John Ross

Bob McFarlane

President - Colin Neill

Finance Remuneration Committee 

David Hayes (Chairman)

Keith Young

Robert Barclay

Keith Oliver


ICC Code of Conduct

Commission member


Brent Lockie

Main Selectors Iain Kennedy (Convenor)
  Grant Bradburn (Head Coach)
  Andrew Tennant
Selection Advisers
Bryn Lockie
  Bill McPate
  Colin Mitchell
  Willie Morton
Competitions Management Group
Brian Papworth (Chairman)
  David Gibson
  Ramsay Allan
  Billy McPate
  Robin Pollok
Facilities Group

Ian Shaw (Chairman)
Steve Paige
Kenny McCurdie

Website Editor
Ben Fox
Historian Neil Leitch


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