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We at Cricket Scotland would like to offer you an invitation to contribute to the existing content on the new Cricket Scotland Website.

Whether you are looking to get into sports journalism, or have a deep seeded love of the game in Scotland we want to hear from you.

It’s clear that the game of cricket is not just confined to certain places in Scotland, it is a national sport with clubs spanning from in the Borders to the far reaches of the North.  Like the diverse range of our geography, we also want to make others aware of the vast range of experiences many in Scotland have, from grassroots level up to elite cricket.

As long as Scotland and cricket appeals to you (ideally together!), we don’t mind what it relates to - Should it be an intriguing insight into the coaching philosophy at your club or perhaps you like blogging, take cricket photos or just are an enthusiastic supporter of the game in Scotland, it’s you we want to hear from.

Budding sportswriters, now is the hour!

All we ask is you keep in mind a few wee house guidelines..

  • Try to keep your article/piece/blog to around 500-750 words*
  • We aren’t looking for personal attacks, but humour is welcomed.

*This is not a complete necessity -  it’s just to make sure the readers get to the end!

If you would like to blog for the Cricket Scotland Website then click HERE


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