Training Resources for Regional Administration

The following training courses are aimed at regional association administrators and last for 60 mins.

Training for Scorers Zoom sessions

A registration form has been sent out to all clubs via their respective Association and posted on the Digital Scoring for Club Matches page in the Club Services section of the Cricket Scotland website. The form is also below.

Training for Clubs

All clubs need to nominate at least one individual as an administrator for their club on this platform. In addition, anyone wishing to score a game or enter the scorecard after a game needs to have a Login ID. The Login ID can be used to sign on to both the Administration site, as well as the scoring software.

Could ALL clubs please email George Burns at Cricket Scotland  advising of their administrator, as well as those individuals who need access in order to be able to score/ enter scorecards manually. Name, Club, Role (Administrator/ Scorer), email address required.

Downloading the scoring software

Search for Cricket LiveScore EU in your app store. Available for both iOS (Apple) & Android.

iPad is recommend, although if that’s out of the budget then any Android tablet that’s no more than 3 years old. Note for any device you need to make sure it supports the minimum operating version of the scorer app which is – iOS (Apple): iOS12.0 & Android: Android 5.0 (21). All the newer tablets (around 2-3 years old) will support these versions and beyond.


Link to the Administration Platform

Live Streaming for Clubs

In conjunction with CS Live, clubs can now stream matches live through a Frogbox camera system.