U13 Scottish Cup 2018

2017 Results can be found HERE 

2018 Draw

Round 1 to be played by 31 May 2018
Side drawn first play HOME

Huntly v Aberdeenshire
Aberdeenshire 102 for 7(K Yahathugoda 30ret) beat Huntly 79 for 5 (F Chayne 31ret)
Largo v Dunfermline & Carnegie
Dunfermline & Carnegie conceded the tie
Falkland v Perth Doo’cot
Perth Doo’cot 28 for 5 beat Falkland 24 all out (O Patterson  4 for 6)
Carlton v Livingston
Carlton 225 for 1 (T Robertson 30ret, C Kentish 30ret, G Murray 30ret, E Keatings 30ret, S Smith 32ret, M Restall 31ret) beat Livingston 47 for 6
Ayr v Uddingston
Uddingston conceded the tie
Ferguslie v Poloc
Ferguslie 234 for 4 beat Poloc 54 all out

Round 2 to be played by 30 June 2018
Side drawn first play AWAY

ASI Gordonians v Aberdeenshire
ASI Gordonians 113 for 3 (A Hegde 30ret, E Powell 30ret) beat Aberdeenshire 110 for 5 (A Goswami 32ret, K Yahathugoda 30ret)
Forfarshire v Largo
Forfarshire conceded the tie
Dundee High School FP v Perth Doo’cot
Perth Doo’cot 108 for 4 (W Silcock 30ret) beat Dundee High School FP 40 all out (O Patterson 4 for 8)
Meigle v Arbroath United
Meigle 78 for 6 beat Arbroath United 76 all out
Stewart’s Melville v Carlton
Carlton 164 for 6 (M Johnson 32ret) beat Stewart’s Melville 56 all out (J Beattie 3 for 12, F Kentish 3 for 12)
Watsonian v Grange
Grange 138 for 3 (T Edwin 30ret, M Hughson 34ret) beat Watsonian 133 for 9 (G Baltzer 32ret, C Swanson 3 for 16)
Clydesdale v Ayr
Ayr won on the toss of the coin
Greenock v Ferguslie
Ferguslie 144 for 5 beat Greenock 63 all out

Quarter-Finals to be played by 23 July 2018
Side drawn first play HOME

ASI Gordonians v Largo
Largo conceded the tie
Perth Doo’cot v Meigle
Perth Doo’cot 93 all out (D Patterson 30 ret. J Eddington 3 for 12) lost to Meigle
97 for 7
Carlton v Grange
Carlton 138 for 6 (M Johnson 31ret, G Murray 31ret) beat Grange 63 all out (D Firth 3 for 5)
Ayr v Ferguslie

Semi-finals and Final to be played on 5 August 2018 (reserve date 12 August 2018) at Goldenacre, Edinburgh


ASI Gordonians v Meigle
Meigle 86/5 (J Edington 32) lost to ASI Gordonians 87/2 (J Canales 30no retired, A Hegde 22)

Carlton v Ferguslie
Ferguslie 82/9* (B Ezeikheil 30no retired, I Foley 3-10) beat Carlton 82 all out

3rd & 4th Place Play off

Carlton 169/2 (E Keatinge 30no retired, C Kentish 33no retired, M Restall 30no retired) beat Meigle 98/5 (J Edington 31no retired)


Ferguslie 100/8* (H Ahmad 31no retired, B Ezeikheil 30no retired) lost to Gordonians 100/7 (A Hegde 31no retired, S Aravind 30no retired, B Cameron 3-24)
(*Ferguslie were playing 3 players short, those 3 considered as lost wickets to determine match outcome.)