Under 15 Scottish Cup 2017

Round 1 to be played by 4 June 2017
Side drawn first play HOME

Huntly v Elgin
Huntly 86 for 6 beat Elgin 55 all out (N Coffey 4 for 1)
Aberdeenshire v Stoneywood Dyce
Stoneywood Dyce have conceded the tie
Arbroath United v Forfarshire
Arbroath United 177 for 1 (F Ford 50ret, B O’Mara 53ret, F Duncan 48) beat Forfarshire 114 for 1 (R Baillie 50ret)
Largo v Meigle
Meigle have conceded the tie
SMRH v Penicuik
Penicuik beat SMRH
Grange v Dunfermline & Carnegie
Dunfermline & Carnegie have conceded the tie
Gala v Watsonian
Watsonian 49 for 3 (J Crooks 3 for 24)beat Gala 48 all out ( P Ridge 3 for 4)
Carlton v Falkland
Carlton 158 for 4 (P Gill 51ret, H Simpson 33) beat Falkland 107 for 8
Greenock v West of Scotland
Clydesdale v Poloc
Clydesdale 71 for no wicket (H Zuliqar 46no) beat Poloc 69 for 4

Byes: Perth Doo’cot; Dundee HSFP; Kelso; Livingston; Ayr and Stenhousemuir

Round 2 to be played by 2 July 2017
Side drawn first play AWAY

Huntly v Aberdeenshire
Huntly conceded the tie
Perth Doo’cot v Arbroath United
Arbroath United 112 for 3 (B O’Mara 51ret) beat Perth Doo’cot 98 all our (D Salmond 3 for 6)
Dundee HSFP v Largo
Dundee HSFP 88 for 2 (H Evans 53ret) beat Largo 86 for 7 (H Saddler 34, B Morris 30, M Lowdon 3 for 10, D Alijani 3 for 2)
Penicuik v Grange
Grange 176 for 8 (C Peet 51no, J Pearson 38) beat Penicuik 82 for 9 (J Cairns 3 for 6)
Kelso v Watsonian
Livingston v Carlton
Carlton 71 for 2 beat Livingston 67 for 6 (S Jindell 36no)
Ayr v Greenock or West of Scotland
Stenhousemuir v Clydesdale

Quarter-Finals to be played by 31 July 2017
Side drawn first play AWAY

Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United
Arbroath United 77 for 2 (D Salmond 48no) beat Aberdeenshire 76 all out (M McColl 3 for 18)
Dundee HSFP v Grange
Grange 184 for 8 (T McIntosh 50ret, C Peet 48no) beat Dundee HSFP 37 for 5
Kelso or Watsonian v Carlton
Ayr or Greenock or West of Scotland v Stenhousemuir or Clydesdale

Semi-Finals and Final to be played on 13 August 2017 (reserve date 20 August 2017) at Goldenacre, Edinburgh