2016 Eastern Premier Fixtures

22 Dec

The 2016 CSL Eastern Premier fixtures have been announced with newly promoted Glenrothes meeting Forfarshire in their opening fixture of the season, while 2015 CSL Champions Grange make their way to Scroggie Park to face Falkland. 

2016 Fixture List:

30 April 2016
Aberdeenshire v Watsonian
Arbroath v Stoneywood-Dyce
Carlton v Heriot's
Falkland v Grange
Forfarshire v Glenrothes

7 May 2016
Stoneywood-Dyce v Aberdeenshire
Heriot's v Arbroath United
Grange v Carlton
Glenrothes v Falkland
Watsonian v Forfarshire

14 May 2016
Aberdeenshire v Heriot's
Arbroath United v Grange
Carlton v Glenrothes
Falkland v Forfarshire
Stoneywood-Dyce v Watsonian

21 May 2016
Grange v Aberdeenshire
Glenrothes v Arbroath United
Forfarshire v Carlton
Watsonian v Falkland
Heriot's v Stoneywood-Dyce

28 May 2016
Aberdeenshire v Glenrothes
Arbroath United v Forfarshire
Carlton v Falkland
Stoneywood-Dyce v Grange
Watsonian v Heriot's

4 June 2016
Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire
Falkland v Arbroath United
Carlton v Watsonian
Glenrothes v Stoneywood-Dyce
Heriot's v Grange

11 June 2016
Aberdeenshire v Falkland
Arbroath United v Carlton
Stoneywood-Dyce v Forfarshire
Heriot's v Glenrothes
Grange v Watsonian

18 June 2016
Carlton v Aberdeenshire
Watsonian v Arbroath United
Falkland v Stoneywood-Dyce
Forfarshire v Heriot's
Glenrothes v Grange

25 June 2016
Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United
Stoneywood-Dyce v Carlton
Heriot's v Falkland
Grange v Forfarshire
Glenrothes v Watsonian

2 July 2016
Watsonian v Aberdeenshire
Stoneywood-Dyce v Arbroath United
Heriot's v Carlton
Grange v Falkland
Glenrothes v Forfarshire

9 July 2016
Aberdeenshire v Stoneywood-Dyce
Arbroath United v Heriot's
Carlton v Grange
Falkland v Glenrothes
Forfarshire v Watsonian

16 July 2016
Heriot's v Aberdeenshire
Grange v Arbroath United
Glenrothes v Carlton
Forfarshire v Falkland
Watsonian v Stoneywood-Dyce

23 July 2016
Aberdeenshire v Grange
Arbroath United v Glenrothes
Carlton v Forfarshire
Falkland v Watsonian
Stoneywood-Dyce v Heriot's

30 July 2016
Glenrothes v Aberdeenshire
Forfarshire v Arbroath United
Falkland v Carlton
Grange v Stoneywood-Dyce
Heriot's v Watsonian

6 August 2016
Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire
Arbroath United v Falkland
Watsonian v Carlton
Stoneywood-Dyce v Glenrothes
Grange v Heriot's

13 August 2016
Falkland v Aberdeenshire
Carlton v Arbroath United
Forfarshire v Stoneywood-Dyce
Glenrothes v Heriot's
Watsonian v Grange

20 August 2016
Aberdeenshire v Carlton
Arbroath United v Watsonian
Stoneywood-Dyce v Falkland
Heriot's v Forfarshire
Grange v Glenrothes

27 August 2016
Arbroath United v Aberdeenshire
Carlton v Stoneywood-Dyce
Falkland v Heriot's
Forfarshire v Grange
Watsonian v Glenrothes

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